Raw Fruit Cheesecake

I’m always looking around for healthy recipes of my favourite treats and one of my all time favourites is cheesecake. It’s the best dessert if you ask me. It comes in a variety of flavours, the biscuit base is amazing and the rich and creamy topping always tastes great – no matter what topping you go for. My personal favourite is strawberry but I’m equally happy when eating peanut butter, toffee or plain cheesecake. That’s why I was so excited when I found this recipe from Minimalist Baker.

The original recipe inspired me to create this cheesecake and although I have made a similar cheesecake before, this one tasted way better!

vegan cheesecake

The cheesecake I have made before tasted of too much coconut (I put a lot of coconut oil in to be fair) but this one had just the right balance. It was sweet, thanks to the dates and agave syrup, and it wasn’t too sickly. I added frozen berries on top and moved away from the original recipe a bit but you can use any filling. Peanut butter, fruit purees, plain…it all works I think! The best thing about this cheesecake is that I genuinely didn’t feel bad about scoffing a huge portion. Yes I know it’s still full of calories, but everything in it is good for you!

cheesecake recipe

All this has in it are dates, nuts, natural sweetener, coconut milk/oil and fruit. So if you have a sweet tooth and want to indulge without feeling guilty, this is a recipe to try!

vegan cheesecake recipe



One cup of almonds/walnuts/pecans – your choice!

One cup of dates


One cup of cashews

Lemon juice (half cup)

Agave syrup or sweetener (4 tbsps.)

Half cup coconut milk

2 tbsps. coconut oil


Method: Whizz the nuts and dates in a food processor until sticky. Lay in the base of a cake tin and pat down to form the crust. Then add all of the filling ingredients (minus flavouring) to food processor and mix until smooth. Pour onto base and then add topping or flavour of your choice. Place in the freezer to set – mine only took an hour!

Eat. Repeat.



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