Pecan Snack Bars

pecan bar(I’m aware they don’t look great, but they taste great!)

I eat a lot of Nakd bars and 9 bars but sometimes I feel like I need to cut back. Not because of calories or anything, but because of price! It always frustrates me that ‘healthy’ food is expensive – and I disagree with anyone who says it isn’t. Yes, eating healthily doesn’t have to be expensive and there are lots of ways you can budget, but if you want to buy on-the-go healthy snacks there’s no denying it – they are pricey!

If you grab a standard chocolate bar you’ll get a big portion for less than you would pay for a smaller ‘healthier’ snack. And if you’re buying them on a regular basis it can add up. So with a cupboard full of ingredients I decided to try creating my own snack bars. I always crave something in the afternoon to go alongside a cuppa, and these bars are perfect for that. They are really sweet and yet have only two ingredients!

Cutting them into bar shapes was a hassle, but once done I put them into containers and placed in the fridge. I now have around ten bars to snack from which should last me all week – definitely give these a try if you like something sweet!



Dates (one cup)

Pecans (one cup)

Agave nectar (optional)

Method: Place the nuts and dates in a food processor and blend. Once it starts to form into a sticky mixture you’re ready to start shaping into bars. Before you do this, if you look your snacks extra sweet, try adding a teaspoon of agave syrup. Shape like bars and place in the freezer for one hour to set. Then place in the fridge for up to five days in a container.


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