Review: The Good Life Eatery

I have heard so much about this place during the last few months that I couldn’t resist checking it out when I found myself in London earlier this week.

the good life eatery

The Good Life Eatery, in Sloane Square, has been on my radar of ‘healthy’ places to try for a while. I get bored really quickly when I step into a coffee shop and they have limited healthy eating options on the menu, most lunchtime stops are full of door-stop sandwiches, high calorie pasta salads and bland salad options. Which is why I was so excited to visit the Good Life Eatery. I had seen a few bloggers mentioning it, snapping pictures of the gluten free desserts and awesome looking green juices and it seemed to be a bit more exciting than your usual café or lunchtime hangout.

And it is different. Firstly, the place is really quirky. One step inside and you’ll know what I mean. The distressed tables, minimal seating room (only seats up to about 25 people) and the funky signage all make this place stand out from many other coffee shops out there. Although the place was quite cramped we did manage to find a seat. You can’t book unfortunately – it’s on a first-come-first-serve basis.

As it was lunchtime I opted for a green juice and the chicken club sandwich which I have to say was really tasty. It was packed full of flavour, had a bit of spice to it which I always like and it was a generous serving size which I’m always a fan of. The green juice was, as you would expect green juice to be, like salad in a cup. But this one was actually quite nice, with a coconut base, and I loved the choice of juices on offer. It’s not often you go into a coffee shop and have such a good choice of juices to try.

green juice

But although I really enjoyed the food I was really shocked by both the price of the juices and the amount of choice on the menu. The juices were all around £6 each. Now, I’m not from London, so maybe this is reasonable but for me it seemed a bit pricey. I also didn’t think there was much choice for lunch – the menu had two sandwich options, a handful of salad options and a couple of soups. Maybe it’s because I usually visit larger chains at lunchtime but I definitely expected a bit more choice. That being said, The Good Life Eatery is really different to other coffee shops I’ve been to and is worth a visit – especially if you’re into super healthy food!


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