Post-Holiday Running Slump


Running is difficult enough but trying to return to it after a week off (spent scoffing your face and laying in the sunshine) is almost impossible…

Last week I went to Croatia for a sunshine break. It was lovely – Croatia is so beautiful, there’s so much to do and see (especially in Dubrovnik which was my personal favourite!) and there are lots of islands to explore and lounge about on. Before I went I was well aware that my first half marathon was only four weeks away. And whilst I have done a fair bit of preparation and have managed to get my distance to 15K I still felt like I needed to do more mileage before I left for the week! But, alas, I ran out of time and so left for Croatia feeling a bit worried – should I have tried harder? Should I be running long distances on my return when I should be tapering in the final weeks?

A part of me wanted to be the girl that packs her running shoes and heads off for long runs during a holiday but I will never be that person. As much as I have enjoyed running and building up my base fitness, I still feel a holiday is exactly that: a holiday! And for me that means lounging by the pool, lots of reading, sunbathing and eating!

Now I’ve returned I’m thinking that the decision to ignore running for an entire week was probably a bad one… I feel bloated (lots of cheese and wine in Croatia probably didn’t help) and I feel quite sluggish – almost like all that hard work before I went has sort of disappeared. But after looking into various training guides and reading a number of blogs I’m assured that my fitness will soon get back on track after a few runs.

It’s the first day back today and I am planning a run tomorrow…which I am dreading. I feel like it’s going to be like I’m beginning my running journey all over again! The fact that I have to run 20K in about three weeks is the only thing motivating me to get outside and run…

But, weirdly, I have missed running. Although I’m not looking forward to the first run and post-holiday beer sweats, I am looking forward to getting back into the routine that I feel running has given me. Less bloat, more energy and a bounce in my step.


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