Jobulo – The CV Writing App

jobuloI don’t normally write about work related posts on this blog – it’s mainly all about my running and get fit regime. However I have helped in the creation of a new website and CV writing app and now the project is complete, I feel it’s too good not to share!

The project myself and the team have been working on is a brand new CV writing application – which takes users through a step-by-step guide on creating a CV. There’s also some useful information within the app to guide people who are unsure as to what to write on a specific section of their CV.

Users can then download their finished document in a number of formats and choose from a number of templates – so whether someone’s looking for a creative job or applying for a corporate position, there’s definitely a design for everyone. So what’s this site called? Jobulo. As well as providing an easy to use CV writing app (that’s free) the site’s full of content, blog posts, interviews with experts working in different industries and there’s also a You Tube channel which provides some good job seeking and career changing advice too.

writing a cv

The website has been in production for a few years now and it’s been really interesting to be so involved in such a big project. From my own days as a Recruiter I know that one of the most difficult hurdles for jobseekers is writing a CV and getting the employer’s initial attention. With so much competition out there and the average employer looking at CVs for less than 30 seconds, candidates really are under immense pressure to grab the employer’s attention if they want to progress to a job interview. And really, in my opinion, job interviews are easy when compared to writing a CV. Once you’re in front of an employer and they meet you you’ll have plenty of opportunity to sell yourself and ramble on about your experience. But getting them to actually want to meet you, based on a CV that’s less than two pages? I think that’s pretty tough.

I used to have to guide candidates on a daily basis on what to write on a CV, how to demonstrate their key skills and I used to help them write their cover letter too. But as more jobseekers than ever before are looking for work and jobcentres become inundated with candidates, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for recruiters and career advisors to give one-to-one tuition. This is where I think Jobulo comes in. Although it’s not a career advisor sat in front of you offering you tips, it really is a personal experience from the moment you sign up to the site all the way through to the CV download. There are tailored tips in every section of writing a CV, a huge knowledge base if you get stuck or need further advice and there is a broad range of topics covered on the site – from finding a job when you leave school to progressing your career to a management level. Whatever career information you’re looking for, you should find it on the site.

So whether you are out of work and looking to apply for jobs or you fancy going after that promotion, why not give the site a go and create a CV?


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