Peanut Butter Topped Cookies


These little creations were totally made up from a few ingredients I found leftover in the cupboard. I originally wanted to pop to the shop to grab a Nakd bar as was feeling like I needed a little snack. Usually if I haven’t prepared a healthy snack the day before or don’t buy myself a healthy snack I end up raiding the cupboards and munching on the most unhealthiest thing I can find! I totally use the ‘eating healthily takes too much time’ excuse from time to time but seriously, you can’t use that excuse for these cookies! They took less than ten minutes to make…from scratch!

I opted against popping to the shop as it was raining buckets outside so instead I searched around in the cupboard to make a snack from leftover nuts and dates. But then I remembered we had a bunch of bananas and as I have used bananas before in a 3 ingredient cookie recipe I thought I would do the same again. But this time I added a few different ingredients in and I can honestly say it was one of the tastiest cookies I’ve ever had. You can’t compare them to a standard cookie – there’s no processed sugar so you don’t get the same sugar hit and these are definitely quite gooey as opposed to crunchy – but they are tasty! Definitely worth a try if you’re craving something sweet.


1 cup of oats

2 bananas

dates roughly chopped

organic peanut butter to garnish

Method: Pre-heat oven to 200 degrees. Mash up bananas in a bowel and add oats. Mix together with hands to form a dough mixture. Add in dates and divide into portions. Lay on a non-stick pan into cookie shapes and place in the oven for 8 minutes. Remove from the oven, layer with some peanut butter and place back in the oven for two minutes. Remove and wait for them to cool. EAT!


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