Clean and Lean Day Three

salmonI missed posting about Clean and Lean day two but to be honest you didn’t miss much. I was terribly grumpy, hungry and didn’t feel like doing much. Luckily, that’s changed today and I am starting to feel the benefits of a ‘clean’ eating program after finishing day three. My stomach has definitely stopped bloating so much, I feel slimmer (probably in my head at this point) and thankfully…my energy levels are starting to rise! Yippee.

I am still feeling lethargic but nowhere near as tired as I felt at the weekend which is leading me to believe that diet is definitely playing a part in how I feel.

Although yesterday was tough, today I feel surprisingly full. The meals are combining vegetables and protein with good fats – so a few minutes after eating you feel full but not bloated – which is something I am really relishing. Yesterday’s dinner consisted of a shake made up of almond milk, nuts, chia seeds and oats. Lunch was a salmon salad and mince beef and veg was on the menu for dinner. Today was honey, butter and cinnamon on rye bread (so good!) for breakfast, a lamb salad for lunch and chicken stir fry for dinner. What I am enjoying about this ‘diet’ so far is that the recipes are all bursting with flavours, there is so much to experiment with and it’s showing me that dinners don’t always have to come loaded with carbohydrates. The stir fry consisted of chicken and vegetables , no noodles. And I didn’t even miss them. One thing I am missing is dessert, Big time. I could scoff a Ben and Jerry’s right now.

I have also managed to fit in an 8K run today so day three has been successful. Let’s see what day four brings…



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