Half Way to Half Marathon


It’s half way through my training for my first half marathon and motivation is certainly beginning to lack. I’m not sure why – it could be the hot weather which is lovely but very hard to train in! Or it could be because I have just hit a plateau – I’m not sure but the last few weeks have been hard when it comes to trying to motivate myself and push past the 10k barrier.

I have been concentrating on improving my 5K time in training – going out for a few 5K runs a week and constantly trying to beat the previous days time. And it’s going quite well. My first 5K of the week was at around 31 minutes. The second was down to 29 minutes. And the third was down to 28:05 – a time I am really proud of. Although I feel like I have hit a motivational blockage, I need to look back on my achievements so far. I did that this week and when I did, I realised how far I have come. Whilst I am still miles (literally) away from the half marathon, I am running faster than I have before. My first ever 5K was on a treadmill and I did it in 38 minutes. I was really proud and I remember feeling like it was such a long distance. It’s good to see that although I certainly need to increase my training, I have come a long way since my early running days.

There are so many training techniques out there – fartlek running, interval training, cross training…the list is endless. But I have decided to go with my own training programme that I feel fits in with my lifestyle. I am running a few 5Ks a week and trying to increase speed and then trying to run one long run at the end of the week. I’ve yet to break the 10K barrier but I’m sure that it will come. Three months to go until half marathon time.


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