Mexican Street Food: Tlayudas

mexican street food

I love Mexican street food. Having actually never been to Mexico, it’s strange how I always navigate to this type of food for comfort – but it is just that. It’s so full of flavour, filling and is always my meal option on a weekend (when I’m not eating curry).

I usually go for the classic burrito or fajita – easy to make and a staple dish you can’t really get wrong. But every so often my boyfriend and I try to experiment with our dishes and whilst there’s plenty of recipes online, we’ll sometimes crack out a trusty cook book.

Whenever we cook Mexican food we navigate to this one – Mexican Food Made Simple. It really does what it says on the tin – most of these recipe originate from traditional Mexican street food so they’re easy to make, don’t take that long and most of the meals don’t require a sit down dinner party or even a knife and fork. Although on this one you might need a knife and fork…it can get messy.

The Tlayudas is an open pizza which you can grill, bake or fry. If you’ve read my blog before you’ll know that I can’t really eat pizza which is so very annoying. It bloats me out and doesn’t agree with me so I’m always looking for alternatives like this cauliflower crust pizza. The cauliflower pizza is a winner for me, I’ve had it a few times and it’s both delicious and not that tough on the stomach. I’m not sure exactly what it is in a pizza base that I don’t agree with – it could be the particular type of yeast or it could be the fact that most are deep pan and full of grease. Either way, I’m always looking for recipes that work for me! So we thought we’d give this one a go – well I didn’t actually make it…

The ingredients seem a bit daunting at first but once you have them they can be stored to make a few batches of this dish. It took around an hour all in all to prepare and cook the meal and when it was done? It was divine. So good! The mozzarella gave it a really creamy texture and the herbs and spices were so varied that every time I took a mouthful I felt like I was eating something new! The sundried tomatoes give the dish a sweet zing and poached chicken means all of the chicken chunks are moist. All in all this is an amazing treat meal but be warned it can get pretty sloppy so make sure you have a knife and fork handy. Recipe from the book is below!

mexican street food

mexican street food

mexican street food

mexican street food


Bag of spinach

4 Large flat breads

4 tbsp. guacamole

2 balls of mozzarella

80g grated cheddar

2 chicken breasts

8 sun blushed tomatoes

2 tablespoons of basil, tarragon, chervil or coriander (we used a mixture and added in others)

2 handfuls of rocket

Method: Poach the chicken and leave to one side. Add butter to a pan and fry the spinach until wilted – dry and put salt, pepper and oil on it. Put the flatbread in a pan, layer with all ingredients, cook for a few minutes until toasted, flip and serve.

* You can get a much better description of how to make this recipe from the book – I definitely recommend it!


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