Nike Free Runs 5.0+ iD

nike free runsThese trainers signify the start of my *attempted* running adventure. When I decided to do the half marathon it was a few months before Christmas and I started out with 3k runs in my old Puma trainers. They were okay, not the comfiest of trainers and I don’t think they were necessarily designed for long distance running. I had always used them to do a session in the gym or play a game of squash so regular running was really putting them to the test.

When I realised I was actually serious about trying to run a half marathon I thought I should invest in a better pair of running shoes and through a bit of research I found that the Nike Free Runs were the best fit for me. All of the reviews on these trainers looked pretty good. Nike’s new Flywire technology is designed to deliver a barefoot running experience but still give runners support and comfort. The shoes are also really flexible so they are meant to increase foot flexibility and muscle strength. After I read all of this I was sold. I didn’t know a huge amount about running shoes, considering the longest distance I had run last summer was no where near 3k! So I put these shoes on my Christmas wish list and luckily Santa (aka boyfriend) bought these for me. What’s even cooler is that I didn’t know you can customise the trainers using Nike iD – mine were customised so the tongues and colours are completely unique. Pretty cool.

nike free runsSo what were my first impressions? When I first slipped them on I have to say they were the comfiest trainers I had ever put on my feet! They are light, flexible (as they promise) and are really great for helping sweaty feet feel, well, less sweaty. The air holes on the front of the trainers mean your feet can really breathe in them and you don’t get too hot whilst running. Although they are quite thin and lightweight they offer great support when you’re running. I have done a few 10ks in these now and they have been comfortable throughout.

But I have noticed that the more running I do, the more blisters are beginning to appear and they are occurring on one side of my foot. After looking into this I think it’s got something to do with my running technique so I’m almost certain that I now need to invest in a pair of bespoke running shoes. There’s a store near us that offers running assessments – you run in front of them and they assess what style is best for you. As I am working my way towards a half marathon I think it’s a worthy investment so I’ll be popping along to my local running store in the next few weeks. So I will keep you posted!

nike free runsAnyone out there bought running trainers from one of these shops? Has it been worth it?




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