Moroccan Beef Tagine with Cauliflower Rice

I wanted to try cauliflower rice this evening and was wondering what kind of dinner to put it with – and this tagine went perfectly! Despite not owning an actual tagine, I was able to cook this Moroccan dish in a slow cooker – frying off the beef in a saucepan and transferring with the sauce into a slow cooker on high for three hours. The spice rub adds so much flavour to the dish and adding the prunes and coriander at the end made sure the dish was bursting with flavour on serving.

I had never attempted cauliflower rice before but…surprisingly, it’s quite nice! I have tried cauliflower pizza before and this came out really well and the cauliflower rice is just as nice. On it’s own I think it would certainly taste of cauliflower and not that appealing but when mixed in with a sauce or main dish it tastes gorgeous. It has a couscous texture to it and is a really light side dish – one serving of cauliflower rice contains less than 30 calories! So if you’re trying to go low-carb or cut down your daily intake cauliflower rice is definitely worth a try.

I took the tagine recipe from Jamie Oliver – I wasn’t sure about the ras el hanout spice mix so I used garam masala instead. For the cauliflower rice, cut one cauliflower head into bits and place in a food processor and blend. Once it looks like rice place in a bowl and heat in a microwave for two minutes. Done!


Prepping the meat in the spice mix


Adding the butternut squash and prunes

3456The end product!


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