Cheese-Less Cheesecake!

I have been wanting to try this recipe for weeks but have only just got round to it! I saw this on Blogilates and thought it looked like a great way to indulge in my favourite dessert without feeling too guilty.

The only down-side to this recipe is the cost. Although you get quite a few servings, the ingredients were pretty pricey! That being said I was really pleased with how good this tasted. There is no denying that it’s not a real cheesecake – it definitely didn’t have that sweet aftertaste and gooey texture to it but it is a really good alternative!

The coconut oil gives it a sweet taste and the home-made raspberry coulis is addictive! The full recipe can be found on YT on the Blogilates channel – I played with the measurements slightly and actually added a bit of almond milk to the coulis to make it more smooth.

Definitely a treat to try!


baseWalnut and date base

3Frozen raspberries for the coulis


12Cheese-less cheesecake!!!!




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