Raw Cacao Powder

I have been really looking forward to trying out some recipes with raw cacao powder and finally took delivery of some this week! It’s quite costly (mine ended up costing about £7 for 100g of cacao powder and delivery) but I reckon it’s going to be worth the investment. It sounds pretty versatile – you can use it to make a variety of chocolate desserts which I find very exciting!

Ever since I started trying to eat a little healthier I have cut back on my chocolate intake but definitely miss it. Whilst I don’t cut it out completely (80/20 rule right?) I am trying to make more desserts from scratch and this seemed like a perfect buy.

The health benefits of raw cacao powder are pretty good – it’s full of antioxidants, is a source of magnesium which is good for digestion (yippee) and as it contains no sugar it has a low GL which helps to stabilise your blood sugar levels. Happy days. So I’ll be trying this out in a few recipes and I think raw cacao powder will become a staple item in my kitchen cupboard.



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