Running My First 10k

runThis is a post I never thought I would be writing because quite honestly I never thought I would be running a 10k! Which is probably a bit stupid, seeing as I am planning on running a half marathon at the end of this year. But 10k has seemed so far away for so long, that I never saw myself achieving it and certainly not a few months into training.

I was asked by a friend to sign up for a 10k this month, but having only run 7.5k to date, didn’t feel I was ready to commit. But I am really glad I was asked to join in this race as, even though I didn’t do it, it gave me the motivation to push myself to see if I could actually do a 10k at my current fitness level.

So last weekend, having turned my friend down, I decided to test myself to see how quickly I could do a 10k in and to see how comfortable it was for me. I designed a route that kept me motivated – a run along the beach – and the weather was actually quite good. I started out with a gentle pace which helped because I was able to sustain the pace for a lot longer than usual – usually I start quite fast and find myself working down to walking pace quite quickly. This however really helped to build momentum and meant I had covered quite a lot of ground in the first half an hour of the run.

When I approached 5k I was really tired but didn’t stop – only coming down to a walking pace to take in some water. There was one large hill on the route I planned and there was no way I was running up it! I walked it but re-started the run straight after this to come into the home stretch. The last 2.5k involved some woodland running, which I always find fun because it’s always an unpredictable terrain and the views are fantastic.

I finished my first 10k in 1 hr 10 mins. Although this is a long way off where I want to be, it’s satisfying to look back and realise that only a few months ago I couldn’t run a 3k!

I am now bringing 10k routes into my training and hope to be pushing to 12k in the next few months. Bring it on!


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