Pancake Day

pancake day

I love Pancake Day. It doesn’t come around enough really! But let’s face it – I don’t just eat pancakes on Pancake Day – they are so tasty I eat them all year round. And it wasn’t that long ago I was tasting a stack – I visited a café a few weeks ago, The Boston Tea Party, to sample their American pancake offering – pancakes drenched in maple syrup and topped off with bacon. And it was de-licious! The portion was really big too which I was a fan of – I whole heartedly recommend checking out BTP if you are a fan of hearty, home-made grub.

Although my pancakes were no where near as presentable, they were pretty tasty too and I wanted to share the recipe here. I kept them gluten free and topped them off with a variety of fruit so although it was a treat, it wasn’t too unhealthy!

For a batch of pancakes try:

5 tbsp. of gluten free plain flour

1 egg

200 ml of milk

Whisk up and pour the batter in to a small frying pan, with a bit of butter, and get flipping! You can put anything on them but I went for maple syrup and berries. Yum.


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