My Relationship With Food

foodI have always been a savoury girl until about a year ago when I suddenly developed a sweet tooth. But I don’t mean a few slices of chocolate at the weekend – I mean I became quite obsessed. Rowntree Randoms were my favourite and I could happily eat two or three (family size) packets a week. I saw it as my treat – after a long day at work or a stressful week I was rewarding myself with treats. Rowntree Randoms weren’t all I ate though – I often scoffed chocolate and toffee popcorn at the weekends too. Now, I’m not saying I am super healthy now (I still indulge in sweets whenever I want them!) but I have certainly cut back and I would say my diet has changed quite dramatically – especially since buying a blender and food processor.

The journey to a new diet for me started when I started to keep a food diary. I was keeping a food diary to track what made me bloat, what made me tired and generally what types of food just didn’t agree with me. Now, there is definitely something about keeping a food diary that makes you change your diet – you start to read your daily intake and can quite easily be disgusted by how many sweets you consume or how many takeaways you scoff! For me, it made me re-evaluate everything I was eating. I didn’t want to read a page full of crap – I wanted to be able to tell my dietitian that I had been eating good! Fruit, veg and whole foods started to make their way onto my shopping list and for the past few months they have become a part of my every day diet. In the morning I’ll have porridge and blueberries instead of toast. For lunch I’ll have a chicken and goats cheese salad as opposed to a shop bought pasta one. And for dinner I’ll load my veggies onto a plate. And I snack… a lot. But I try to go for things like almond butter, fruit and rice cakes.

I am not claiming to be one of the healthiest people ever – I have a long way to go for that!fruits

But I can say that I think more about what goes on my plate and I definitely make a lot more food from scratch. If you’re trying to change your diet or just improve your overall health I can’t recommend a food processor enough! It enables you to know exactly what is going into your food and it’s also fun to experiment with different ingredients. I think of this as a lifestyle change for me and have certainly seen the benefits of it. I feel more active and my stomach has definitely stopped grumbling so much! So here’s hoping it continues!


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