Cauliflower Pizza

It sounds all sorts of wrong but I am so happy I found this recipe. Since being diagnosed with a bowel condition I have really had to cut back on bread and anything ‘doughy’ so you can imagine pizza has been a big no-no. Which is frustrating as I have always been a pizza fan. It’s tasty and it’s so easy to prepare. If I go to a gathering you can guarantee that my friends will all be putting pizzas in the oven and I’m there, trying hard not to salivate.

So when I heard about cauliflower crust pizza, I had to try it. There are quite a few recipes online but I used one from Deliciously Ella. It was relatively easy to make – you definitely need a food processor to get the cauliflower down to the right fluffy consistency. But once the base is created (from a mixture of gluten free flour and cauliflower) the fun part can begin with the toppings. You can add whatever you want but I opted for tomato puree, mushrooms, pepperoni and basil.

The pizza topping totally disguises the taste of cauliflower and while it definitely doesn’t take like a regular pizza, it’s almost there! Be warned though – if you try to reheat this it will make your kitchen smell like a roast dinner! But straight out of the oven it’s perfection and helps to curb the pizza craving.

cauliflower crust


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