Learning to Love Green Juice

I have never been a huge fan of veggies. I try to get them in at least once or twice a week but don’t really feel like that’s enough. I heard of green juices a while ago and thought they sounded like a great way to get a bit more ‘green’ in your diet. There are so many recipes out there and to be completely honest, at first glance, I thought they all looked just…wrong. Salad in a cup?! A lot of the recipes I have seen literally consist of you throwing in your salad contents or Sunday roast contents, blending them and downing them with a bit of ice.

But I decided to see what all the fuss was about and try one of my own and I am happy to report that it was actually quite nice. It’s definitely not as nice as a fruit based smoothie (in my opinion) but the one I made was quite refreshing and you could definitely feel the health benefits with every gulp! I am going to try a few more and post up the recipes but here’s what I put in this one if you want to test it out.

Handful of spinach, half a cucumber, 1 stick of celery, 2 apples, juice of 1.5 lemon, water

green juice


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